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I recently got this story in an email. It was really interesting and hit really close to my heart. I’ll publish it here verbatim, its a bit long but worth the read. Four years ago, I was flying from JFK NY Airport to SFO to attend a meeting at Monterey, CA. An American girl was […]

Football season started on Thursday (NY Giants against Washington Redskins) and rest of the games kick off on Sunday and Monday. It’s my third year of Fantasy Football and I think this year I’ve done a better job of drafting than the previous two years. Here’s what my team looks like: Carson Palmer, QB, Cincinnati […]

Dubai’s ISP Etisalat finally saw fit to unblock Twitter with a host of other social networking websites. As a result I’m back on twitter at http://twitter.com/rushiv tweeting away.

Abhinav Bindra won the 10m Rifle Shooting competition to capture India’s first gold medal in Beijing. Thats medal number 20 for India, in it’s entire olympic history. The last gold medal for India had come in 1980 Olympics in Moscow for Hockey. India has since won only 2 bronze and one silver medal. Congrats Abhinav […]

Apparently there is a new type of spam going around. Spammers have gotten smarter and are now spoofing CNN’s notification emails as spam. Here’s an email that I got today: These emails contain current news, completely legitimate but they link to the spammer’s own website.  This website will have the usual boatlaod of adverts and […]

Here’s the post on my new blog – http://rushi.vishavadia.com/blog/find-replace-across-multiple-files-in-linux/ Below is an older version of the post: I was trying to find a solution todo a find & replace across multiple files which was purely command line based. There are plenty of scripts out there which will accomplish this but I needed a single line […]