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Apple’s Mobile ME video demo on … Windows Vista?

I was watching Apple’s video demonstration about their new MobileMe service. The video starts of well with a Macbook Air being displayed. But it seems the Macbook Air is running Safari on Windows Vista. Am I the only one who finds this utterly wrong? Even though Mobile Me is supposed to be a operating system […]

Steve Ballmer doesn’t like the iPhone

Steve Ballmer is complaining that the iPhone is too expensive. Well Steve its because the phone also contains an improved version of the best mp3 player on the market. Steve Ballmer says the “..Motorola Q can do music” – as good as an iPod? a 4/8 GB capacity? Hell no. With the iPhone, you are […]

More Zoho Features

I love the Zoho Office Suite and today they released a couple of features which deserve to be applauded. They’ve released a plugin to save documents from MS Word/Excel directly into Zoho. You can open Zoho documents in Word/Excel as well. It’s bridging the gap between online and offline applications says Raju Vengesa. Now I […]

Damn Apple…

Just read Scoble’s post “Is Apple Copying Microsoft?” and I couldn’t agree with him more. When I was seeing the pictures of iTV and then saw the Showtime event, I always felt that I had seen this interface before. I let it slide thinking I must have seen leaked screenshots on Gizmodo or Engadget. But […]

Windows Vista pricing

It seems Microsoft Canada accidentally posted the prices of Windows Vista on it’s website. These are the prices it displayed on it’s website (in Canadian dollars) Ultimate – $499 Business – $379 Home Premium – $299 Home Basic – $259 The likely prices in USD as calculated by Ed Bott (ZDNet blogs) is roughly: Ultimate […]

When you visit you won’t see a website about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. Instead you’ll see a large logo of firefox, calmly telling you to “Redicover the web”. That’s right, someone bought over the domain and has put up a link to firefox. A simple whois shows the following info about the owner: Digital […]

Zune: Microsoft’s new foray into digital entertainment

Microsoft finally confirms the fact that they are entering the digital entertainment division. Previously they denied they were making an iPod killer. Zune is a banner under which they will be releasing entertainment services and products. So it’s digital entertainment. What kind of stuff do we expect to see from Microsoft: Probably 2-3 different version […]

NY Times, MS Office and New Services

The New York Times website has undergone a make over. What a big change it is from its previous version. They are moving closer towards Web 2.0. The site looks really good. Anil Dash reviews the Redesign and take a look at the editor's note on the redesign. (Techcrunch does one too) Also reading Anil […]

April Fools Day Stuff

This april fools day was lousy. Not too many good jokes. annouces that MSFT bought them over. Great annoucement, considering it came on a Saturday Great weekend annoucement. Same for Google Romance I agree with ChronoTron on this one. Sorry Scoble, your joke of moving to Google was too obvious. I just wish that […]