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CNN Spam

Apparently there is a new type of spam going around. Spammers have gotten smarter and are now spoofing CNN’s notification emails as spam. Here’s an email that I got today: These emails contain current news, completely legitimate but they link to the spammer’s own website.  This website will have the usual boatlaod of adverts and […]

World Rock, Paper, Scissor Championships

Well there’s actually a tournament for Rock, Paper, Scissors being held in Toronto, Canada. The winner gets 10,000 Canadian (around $8K USD). They are expecting more than 500 contestants from all over the world. Check out their website (The photo gallery gets a bit freaky). If I recall correctly isn’t this game mostly luck?

Saved by…breast implants?

An interesting story of a woman who was saved by her silicone breast implants when a Hezbollah rocket wounded her in northern Israel. Doctors found shrapnel embedded in the silicone implants, just inches from the 24-year-old’s heart. Now there’s an advantage no one would have thought of. Source: Reuters Story redesign

The frontpage of is the process of being redesigned. Eric Meyer of Netscape communications got an interview with Mike Davidson who’s working on the redesign. As hard as it is to change such a big website, the DevEdge team is doing it slowly over time.

Quick Hits

The BBC reports that a movie is being made based on the Simpsons, to be released July 2007. Michael Parekh writes about the 1st Annual 2006 'APRIL FOOL'S DAY ON THE WEB" AWARDS' As annouced Google has now sold $2.07bn of its stock. reports about – "Enter two phone numbers and calls […]