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Why I am a Hindu

I recently got this story in an email. It was really interesting and hit really close to my heart. I’ll publish it here verbatim, its a bit long but worth the read. Four years ago, I was flying from JFK NY Airport to SFO to attend a meeting at Monterey, CA. An American girl was […]

Back on Twitter!

Dubai’s ISP Etisalat finally saw fit to unblock Twitter with a host of other social networking websites. As a result I’m back on twitter at tweeting away.

MSNBC is sick, stupid – Making a mockery of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

What kind of sick minded, demented person would do something like this? (Edit: see my update below) A quiz about the Virginia Tech tragedy, “see how much you know about the events” What do you hope to achieve from the quiz? How would you feel I came up with a quiz on the death anniversary […]

We Are Virginia Tech

The deaths at Virginia Tech have hit all of us like a big sledgehammer on it’s way down. All over the internet prayers, thoughts and good wishes are pouring in. However, there are several people who also seem fit to point out that more than 100 people have been killed in Iraqi universities, African conflicts […]

Paying for a Text Editor

Just plunked down $50 (39 EURO) for TextMate – the first text editor I’ve ever bought. Hell I wouldn’t even buy Visual studio, I got that from my University. But Textmate is well worth it. Sorry haven’t been writing as much. Getting distracted by certain things happening in Eve that require my attention. technorati tags: […]

I switched

I finally got a Mac. It’s a long story of how I ended up with a Macbook Pro and I’m not going to write about it here, since it’s damn weird. However, it’s awesome, it’s beautiful. I’m going back to the PC only to play games. I’ve got everything on my Mac and it works […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas/Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone I’m headed to LA and Las Vegas to have some fun.

Some stuff…

Finally installed Fedora on my laptop. Something comforting about having a real CLI at your disposal. Work is making it hard to blog, is there some sorta detox center for this?  It’s been ages since a decent post. Meanwhile check this list of the 10 worst company URLs.


Got a new job, just started Monday so now its real busy time for me. Can't get the time to really surf from work but I'm keep partly in touch with my basic Netvibes RSS feeds. Can't really blog much about work otherwise I would be dooced. But it's safe to say work is good. […]