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My Theme Editing Venture

I’ve chronicled my passion with blog themes several times already. I don’t think you can have too many themes, I love the WP community too much to setup my own blog and theme. Therefore I bought the “Edit CSS” upgrade. The upgrade is great, I can put in whatever CSS I want and WordPress will […]

New Theme!

Looks like WordPress released (stealthyly) a new theme. Unsleepable. It’s active right now on this blog, but I don’t see any annoucement regarding this on the wordpress.com Edit: Just after publishing this post I notice there’s a post up. Noticed an annoying issue of this theme with the WP dashboard bar. See attached screenshots: With […]

New Theme \o/

WordPress can’t release a new theme without me not using it. Pressrow is pretty nice. Very simple looking. WordPress is probably going to add more themes and I’ve suggested the following from http://www.fahlstad.se/dev/  fGrey: http://www.fahlstad.se/dev/index.php?wptheme=fGrey fSpring: http://www.fahlstad.se/dev/index.php?wptheme=fSpring and fUnique http://www.fahlstad.se/dev/index.php?wptheme=fUnique is an excellent 3 column layout as well. Can’t wait.

Thanks Matt & WordPress Team

Matt Mullenweg and WordPress Team are back again taunting me with new themes. As i've blogged before, I have a problem with themes. The problem is that WordPress has so many good themes I keep on switching between them frequently. Now we have four new themes: Ambiru Emire Flower Power Supposedly Clean Solipsus Ambiru and […]

I Hate WordPress

It's got too many good themes (to be on the fair side, this one does have my fav colors, blue and green). I'm flip flopping over themes worse than John Kerry. God Save Me

Theme Woes

So, I really like two themes in WordPress. The two are: Hemingway (Black) – That is the current theme. I like it's black look and feel, font style and color. However its negative point is that it isn't in a two column format. The links are all at the bottom. Also, it automatically trims, your […]