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Too many feeds!

I really like Google Reader, and I’ve been adding a lot of RSS feeds. Thanks to Scoble’s link/gesture blog I’m getting introduced to a lot of new blogs. He knows how to use TechMeme and other blog engines well and brings some of the really good stuff. My problem is that I have too many […]

Damn Apple…

Just read Scoble’s post “Is Apple Copying Microsoft?” and I couldn’t agree with him more. When I was seeing the pictures of iTV and then saw the Showtime event, I always felt that I had seen this interface before. I let it slide thinking I must have seen leaked screenshots on Gizmodo or Engadget. But […]


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My 5 Minutes of Fame

Robert Scoble linked to my blog! and as a result: Scoble linked to Beginning Ajax for Newbies. I guess this is where I really need Akismet now :|

NY Times, MS Office and New Services

The New York Times website has undergone a make over. What a big change it is from its previous version. They are moving closer towards Web 2.0. The site looks really good. Anil Dash reviews the Redesign and take a look at the editor's note on the redesign. (Techcrunch does one too) Also reading Anil […]

April Fools Day Stuff

This april fools day was lousy. Not too many good jokes. OpenOffice.org annouces that MSFT bought them over. Great annoucement, considering it came on a Saturday Great weekend annoucement. Same for Google Romance I agree with ChronoTron on this one. Sorry Scoble, your joke of moving to Google was too obvious. I just wish that […]