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NY Times, MS Office and New Services

The New York Times website has undergone a make over. What a big change it is from its previous version. They are moving closer towards Web 2.0. The site looks really good. Anil Dash reviews the Redesign and take a look at the editor's note on the redesign. (Techcrunch does one too) Also reading Anil […]

ajaxWrite – A MS Word ‘Alternative’

Michael Robertson (of MP3.com, Linspire, SIPPhone etc) is launching (or has launched) a new competitor to Microsoft Word – ajaxWrite , a web based word processor. ajaxWrite is a powerful wordprocessor that can read/write word documents (you can save in pdf too). There isn't any registration or other bells and whistles. You goto the website […]

New Office 2007 Fonts

Office 2007 and Windows Vista will have a new set of fonts. There are 5 new fonts as follows: Calibri – A Sans-serif, also the default font for MS Word replacing Times New Roman Candara – San-serif font Consolas – A monospaced font. Constantia – Serif font. Corbel – San-Serif font Goodbye Times New Roman, […]

New Microsoft Office 2007 Look

New screenshots from the new Office 2007 UI. Finally Microsoft comes out with something which is good looking. MSDN Blog Article