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Watch out for password stealing application “G-Archiver”

G-Archiver professes to be an application which backups your Gmail messages. G-Archiver is your one click Gmail backup solution.Backup Gmail email messages to your computer using G-Archiver.Never lose another message – backup Gmail messages and you’ll have a stored copy on your computer in the event of Gmail data loss incidents. Gmail backup with G-Archiver […]

Google Calendar Beta, what’s not there

So we have a lot of people writing about the recently released Google Calendar Beta. What’s different about this blog post? This is about what I think is missing in Google’s Calendar, just my way out of standing out of the crowd ;) So to begin with, in no particular order: API: We need an […]

Lockdown in Sector 4!

Earlier today while I was composing an email, Gmail tells me i've logged out. Odd, because I didn't click on the 'signout' link since I was busy writing an email. So I refresh the page and it gives me this message "Our system indicates unusual usage of your Gmail account. In order to protect Gmail […]