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MSNBC is sick, stupid – Making a mockery of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

What kind of sick minded, demented person would do something like this? (Edit: see my update below) A quiz about the Virginia Tech tragedy, “see how much you know about the events” What do you hope to achieve from the quiz? How would you feel I came up with a quiz on the death anniversary […]

We Are Virginia Tech

The deaths at Virginia Tech have hit all of us like a big sledgehammer on it’s way down. All over the internet prayers, thoughts and good wishes are pouring in. However, there are several people who also seem fit to point out that more than 100 people have been killed in Iraqi universities, African conflicts […]

Indian Cricket : Painful to Watch

Another game and yet another dismal failure from the Indian Cricket Team. Indian batting has been disappointing over the past couple of months – correction: since Greg Chappell’s introduction as coach. Greg Chappell has over-experimented and screwed up the Indian team. Sure, he is responsible for the “growth” of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Irfan Pathan, […]

The news these days…

Ever since I started work, I’ve been picking up the newspaper at the train station to read on my way to work. Going to and from work I usually finish reading the entire paper; reading every article. But nowadays I’m skipping a lot of the news. Every day in the news I spot some death […]

I Hate WordPress

It's got too many good themes (to be on the fair side, this one does have my fav colors, blue and green). I'm flip flopping over themes worse than John Kerry. God Save Me

Lockdown in Sector 4!

Earlier today while I was composing an email, Gmail tells me i've logged out. Odd, because I didn't click on the 'signout' link since I was busy writing an email. So I refresh the page and it gives me this message "Our system indicates unusual usage of your Gmail account. In order to protect Gmail […]