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Simple RegEx for matching URLs

I wanted a simple regular expression to retrieve URLs from a paragraph of text, but a google search returned so many Regular Expressions that it was tough to separate the good from the bad. So here are two tried and tested Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) to help match URLs: A simple one to match […]

[PHP] Print out the age of a date in words

I came across a handy piece of code to print out the “age of a date” in words on ThinkPHP. This code should print out the difference between two dates in words (X Days/Months/Weeks/Years). I have modified the original piece of code to print out the number of years as well. This is a snippet […]

AJAX Resources for Beginners

Here is an updated version of the post – Below is an older version: Like many people out there, I'm just getting to know the technologies AJAX's hood. For people who don't know about AJAX, Wikipedia gives good info. Ajax in one line is a technology by which you can send and receive data […]

PHP Must Have Functions

Whenever I work on a PHP Project, I have certain functions which I always use because they make the coding process so much more easier. Most of this stems from me being really lazy in trying to write more code than neccesary.

PHP Editors Ahoy!

I have finally found the PHP Editor of my choice. My months of search for a good one has ended. I am currently using MPSoftware’s PHPDesigner 2005. This is an excellent editor and also may seem to some as a PHP version of MS Visual Studio. It may seem like it but it is very […]