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New Offerings from Zoho

I wrote a few months ago that Zoho Sheet and Writer didn’t have a chat facility integrated into them for collaborative editing. Yesterday Zoho introduced integration of Zoho Chat with Zoho Writer. Zoho sheet integration isn’t available yet but it’s better late than never :) Anyways, this is very encouraging, that is one feature which […]

The Zoho Wiki

Zoho is running ahead and released a new product, the Zoho Wiki. They are releasing features quitely and taking big strides in the Web-Office field, a lot of good things lie in store for them. With the Wiki, they have a well rounded suite of applications. it’s a Word processor, spreadsheet application, a presentation platform […]

More Zoho Features

I love the Zoho Office Suite and today they released a couple of features which deserve to be applauded. They’ve released a plugin to save documents from MS Word/Excel directly into Zoho. You can open Zoho documents in Word/Excel as well. It’s bridging the gap between online and offline applications says Raju Vengesa. Now I […]

Some missing things with Zoho

I’m an avid user of Zoho’s services – Writer and Sheet, but recently I’m being dragged towards Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Why? Its a couple of reasons: I use Gmail a lot and Google Spreadsheets is integrated with Gmail. If i receive an email with an excel file, I get the option to open it […]

Zoho QuickRead Plugin

The Zoho Office Suite just got better. Zoho has released a plugin (FF & IE) which will allow you to open any web-based .doc,pdf, open office, excel file with a simple right-click. The formats supported are: .doc, pdf, .odt, .rtf for Zoho Writer and .xls, .csv, .sxc for Zoho Sheet. I think this is a […]