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I’ve moved my blog to Advertisements

CNN Spam

Apparently there is a new type of spam going around. Spammers have gotten smarter and are now spoofing CNN’s notification emails as spam. Here’s an email that I got today: These emails contain current news, completely legitimate but they link to the spammer’s own website.  This website will have the usual boatlaod of adverts and […]

Quoting Shakespeare.

You may be quoting Shakespeare without knowing it. Shakespeare’s influence has spread quite a bit. Here are a few sample phrases he has coined. If you cannot understand my argument, and declare “It’s Greek to me”, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you claim to be more sinned against than sinning, you are quoting Shakespeare; if […]

Warren Buffet – Richest Man, Zuckerberg – Youngest Billionaire

Forbes magazine has declared that Warren Buffet is now the world’s richest man. Even though Buffet pledged 85% of his wealth to charity in July 2006 his wealth is increasing and is now at $62 billion, an increase of $10 billion from last year. More to donate now Buffet? Bill Gates ($58 Billion) who was […]

Forum Trolls

Paul Graham has a very interesting essay on trolling. Being a troll is just so easy.

Don’t buy shit with money you don’t have. Eliminate credit card debt.

Credit and Credit Cards are one of the most evil things on this planet. You are buying things with money you don’t have, on the promise that you will pay it back. Everything comes with a financing package – a house, car, computer, tv you name it – don’t be tempted by it. People are […]

On Music DRM

DRM – Digital Rights Management My favorite quote on the whole DRM Issue: “DRM ‘manages access’ in the same way that jail ‘manages freedom.’ “ ~ Anon.