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Football Season begins, Fantasy Football begins!

Football season started on Thursday (NY Giants against Washington Redskins) and rest of the games kick off on Sunday and Monday. It’s my third year of Fantasy Football and I think this year I’ve done a better job of drafting than the previous two years. Here’s what my team looks like: Carson Palmer, QB, Cincinnati […]

What a game!

After watching the Bears steam roll the Saints, I was a bit angry when I saw the 21-3 score near the half-time of the Indy/Patriots game and I shut off the TV. But well played Indianapolis Colts! Great way to comeback and trading blow for blow with New England. Kudos to Peyton Manning who didn’t […]

Quick Hits

The BBC reports that a movie is being made based on the Simpsons, to be released July 2007. Michael Parekh writes about the 1st Annual 2006 'APRIL FOOL'S DAY ON THE WEB" AWARDS' As annouced Google has now sold $2.07bn of its stock. reports about – "Enter two phone numbers and calls […]