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CSS Library Launched

Check out the CSS library. It's got a lot of libraries for nifty styles. CSS Image styles, form buttons etc. The menus aren't all that great but for those you can check the ones made by Exploding boy (here, here and here). read more | digg story

The Slashdot Redesign is finally getting a redesign and the redesign is up to the community. CmdrTaco, one of the people who runs slashdot posted a entry regarding the redesign contest. The prize for redesigning the website is a $4,500 laptop (A MacBook Pro or an Alienware!) and the rights for everyone to see your work, some […] redesign

The frontpage of is the process of being redesigned. Eric Meyer of Netscape communications got an interview with Mike Davidson who’s working on the redesign. As hard as it is to change such a big website, the DevEdge team is doing it slowly over time.

Form Builders

I came across a couple of free form builders on The two were Wufoo and FormAssembly. These both are web-based tools which allow you to build really good forms. You can build varied forms and do authentication on them based on their properties (alphanumeric, password etc) Both tools are in their beta but are […]

CSS Code Optimizer

I recently discovered the CSS Code Optimizer. It is a very handy online tool which optimises your CSS code. What optimization? Well for one it removes your erroneus spacing, brackets/braces indentation and makes it look good for viewing. Also if you would have CSS code like this: p { font-family: verdana; font-size: 12px; } It […]