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Google Bot’s Backdoor. Simple Trick.

Several times when your browsing you find that Google throws up search results which lead to pages which sit behind a username/password protection. You need to register to view the content. Websites like New York Times and Wallstreet Journal and many more require you to register and/or pay to view their content. Google manages to […]

Some little known shortcuts

Here are some essential shortcuts about Firefox you should know: Ctrl + L – It will bring you to the Address bar to type your URL Ctrl +K – It will bring you to your Search bar on the top right corner Ctrl + Enter – Automatically prepend “http://” and append “.com” to a keyword […]

Unpimp ze Browser!

At the risk of sounding like Peter Stormare, I link to Chris Morrell who has a list of good Firefox Tweaks, Extensions and Optimizations Chris Morell explains everything clearly and provides screenshots to make it easie. I've already used a couple of tweaks on my laptop to save memory since the laptop only has 256MB […]