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My 5 Minutes of Fame

Robert Scoble linked to my blog! and as a result: Scoble linked to Beginning Ajax for Newbies. I guess this is where I really need Akismet now :| Advertisements

NY Times, MS Office and New Services

The New York Times website has undergone a make over. What a big change it is from its previous version. They are moving closer towards Web 2.0. The site looks really good. Anil Dash reviews the Redesign and take a look at the editor's note on the redesign. (Techcrunch does one too) Also reading Anil […]

Baghdad Burning

No, Baghdad isnt burning. I'm talking about the blog. Baghdad Burning is a blog written by a 25 year old Iraqi woman in war torn Baghdad, Iraq writing under the pseydonym of RiverBend. RiverBend gives eyewitness accounts of the everyday realities on the ground, with astute analysis on the politics behind these events. According to […]

Quick Hits

The BBC reports that a movie is being made based on the Simpsons, to be released July 2007. Michael Parekh writes about the 1st Annual 2006 'APRIL FOOL'S DAY ON THE WEB" AWARDS' As annouced Google has now sold $2.07bn of its stock. reports about – "Enter two phone numbers and calls […]

Google Blog…hacked?

Earlier today the Google Blog went 404 (The code for a 'Page not found' error) Running over to Digg a couple of minutes later…sure enough I spot a story about some claiming the Google Blog was hacked. There is a AIM conversation between two people about the 'hack' (one the "hacker" and the other his […]

Blog Law !?!?

Recently I stumbled across a conference titled 'Blog Law & Blogging for Lawyers' going to be held in San Francisco on April 20th & 21st. Why is there a conference on this issue? Here's an excerpt from their page: Blogs (short for "Web logs") are fomenting a wide variety of legal issues. Legal blogging, also […]