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Possibly Working

Well the “Possibly Related Posts feature” seems to be working. Today morning I saw traffic to an obscure old post spike up. Apparently WordPress linked to that post as “Possibly Related” from it’s blog post announcing the New Admin Bar Design. This feature is pretty cool. It’s linking to lesser known blogs and putting them […]


I ran across tumblelogs a couple of weeks ago and it’s an excellent concept. Its like “mini-blogging”, you post IM conversations, quotes, links and random commentary. It probably lies somewhere between Twitter and actual blogging (Robert Scoble are you listening? ). I’ve started a Tumble log using Tumblr’s free service at  and posting is […]

Blogjet 2.0 Released

I’ve been using BlogJet as my blog editor of choice and version 2.0 of BlogJet was just released. After using it for a while, it’s excellent. They’ve fixed a lot of the issues with the older version and thy’ve been added a lot of new features. Directly adding YouTube videos and Flickr pictures is really […]

The Web Celeb 25

Forbes published its list of the Top 25 Web Celebs. Here’s their list: Jessica Lee Rose aka lonelygirl15 YouTube celebrity Perez Hilton – Celebrity Blogger Markos Moulitsas Zúniga author – Political Blogger Matt Drudge Drudge Report (News Web site editor) Seth Godin (Marketing Guru) Jeff Jarvis Buzz Machine Media Critic Glenn Reynolds InstaPundit Political […]

Arrington & TechCrunch taking the heat

That is a pissed off Michael Arrington. People need to remember that TechCrunch is a full time job. They need some revenue – which in today’s worlds are ads. Due to this there will always be conflicts of interest, tell me one publication which legitimately doesn’t have a conflict of interest. I would take everything […]

Take the blogging survey!

Alex at is running a blogging survey. So far it’s got 471 participants. Considering the number of bloggers, this is a ridiculously low number. So go on fill out the survey, its pretty short and takes five minutes. You can take a look at the live results too. The more people filling out the […]


Got a new job, just started Monday so now its real busy time for me. Can't get the time to really surf from work but I'm keep partly in touch with my basic Netvibes RSS feeds. Can't really blog much about work otherwise I would be dooced. But it's safe to say work is good. […]

Thanks Matt & WordPress Team

Matt Mullenweg and WordPress Team are back again taunting me with new themes. As i've blogged before, I have a problem with themes. The problem is that WordPress has so many good themes I keep on switching between them frequently. Now we have four new themes: Ambiru Emire Flower Power Supposedly Clean Solipsus Ambiru and […]

Blogging Observations

I haven't been blogging for that long (started in February). I used to blog a bit now and then about Eve but never did it much. WordPress got me involved, great community :) Guy Kawasaki recently completed 100 days of blogging and continuing in this blogging 'tradition' he has posted his Observations of a Nouveau […]