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Monitoring World Time

With friends and family being scattered around the world, it’s been tough to monitor time of different countries. I came across two good tools which display World Time. FoxClocks – It’s an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird which will display world time on the bottom right corner of Firefox/Thunderbird. It is highly configurable and it […]

Useful quicksilver tip

I’m using my Macbook in a dual monitor setup (Macbook LCD + External Monitor) so I can’t have the dock and menu bar on both screens1. Due to this I often have move my mouse across two screens to use the menu bar. This can be a pain in the ass especially if you are […]

Delicious Library – Manage your books, movies and music

I’ve been trying out Delicious Library – an application to manage your books, movies, music and games. It’s an app made for OS X and it’s excellent because of three reasons: It is easy to add your books, movies and other items into the application. You can do it through entering basic information like name/author, […]

Paying for a Text Editor

Just plunked down $50 (39 EURO) for TextMate – the first text editor I’ve ever bought. Hell I wouldn’t even buy Visual studio, I got that from my University. But Textmate is well worth it. Sorry haven’t been writing as much. Getting distracted by certain things happening in Eve that require my attention. technorati tags: […]

Editors Galore

Looking for a decent text editor to type stuff or for programming? Here’s a list of those I’ve used. I researched these because text editors are probably the tool I use most (after Firefox ofcourse). In no particular order here are a few editors which are worth looking at. These are editors and not IDEs […]