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126 Ajax Tutorials

Victor De La Rocha has a list of 126 Top Ajax Tutorials. He’s broken up the tutorials into several categories..there look to be about 10-12 categories. A lot of useful tutorials. via digg

ajaxOS – An Ajax based operating system

Michael Robertson pulls another one out of his magic hat. ajaxOS is a ajax-based operating system. Yes its an ajax based operating system. Some of the features of this OS is: Automatic launch of AJAX software when clicking on a supported filetype. Ability to save files to virtual storage. Ability to navigate through a file […]

Online Image Editor

nexImage is an online editing/processing software. It’s an ajax based software and you dont need any plugin. It works in Firefox, IE, Safari and even Opera! Some of the features include: The basic image modification features like: Crop, Resize, Rotate It has lots of filters like Blur, Sharpen, Swirl It’s got something a lot of […]

Its a music player…

Michael Robertson now launches a web-based media player called ajaxTunes. When I first read it I though "Why a media player?" I still am not sure, on this issue. Anyways, the features: lets you play, pause, forward and rewind high-quality streaming music encoded at 192kbps over the Internet from any computer. It has a demo […]

Books on Ajax

The Ajaxian has a post about books on Ajax. Useful for anyone who wants to learn more about Ajax. Technorati Tags: ajax, books

ajaxXLS – The latest from Michael Robertson

ajaxXLS a web-based Excel reader has been launched by Michael Robertson. Check it out. From the website: On this first release of the ajaxXLS viewer, you can expect to open spreadsheet files with all your common cell formatting categories such as text style, decimals, currencies, date, and time. ajaxXLS will preserve your formulas, backgrounds and […]

Google Calendar Beta, what’s not there

So we have a lot of people writing about the recently released Google Calendar Beta. What’s different about this blog post? This is about what I think is missing in Google’s Calendar, just my way out of standing out of the crowd ;) So to begin with, in no particular order: API: We need an […]

My 5 Minutes of Fame

Robert Scoble linked to my blog! and as a result: Scoble linked to Beginning Ajax for Newbies. I guess this is where I really need Akismet now :|

This time its eyespot

Michael Robertson launches yet another ajax product called eyespot. Eyespot is a web-based video editing software. You can mix multiple videos, add audio etc. You can email your video via MMS to your eyespot account and even email audio. You can also upload video and audio from your own computer. Pretty neat. They have a […]

AJAX Resources for Beginners

Here is an updated version of the post – Below is an older version: Like many people out there, I'm just getting to know the technologies AJAX's hood. For people who don't know about AJAX, Wikipedia gives good info. Ajax in one line is a technology by which you can send and receive data […]