Apple’s Mobile ME video demo on … Windows Vista?

Mobile Me Service from Apple.I was watching Apple’s video demonstration about their new MobileMe service. The video starts of well with a Macbook Air being displayed. But it seems the Macbook Air is running Safari on Windows Vista. Am I the only one who finds this utterly wrong?

Even though Mobile Me is supposed to be a operating system neutral service I still fail to understand why Apple would pick Windows Vista, no one likes Vista. If you really had to pick a popular and common operating system it would be Windows XP. Why-oh-why Vista?

Check out the video here.

Windows Vista, really?



  1. I watched it and even though they do have a laptop running Vista, it is not the Macbook Air. If you watch closely before they zoom up on the Vista screen, it is a generic PC Laptop running Vista and they switch back and forth between Vista and Leopard (probably on the Air) throughout the video.

    The reason for even having Vista in there at all is at least twofold:

    1. Because Apple wants to help Microsoft and Microsoft is helping Apple (by writing software for Mac that people “need”, like MS Office). Having Windows appear in these presentations is probably part of some Apple/MS agreement.

    2. Apple is probably demoing MobileME on Vista to show that their stuff IS able to run on either Windows or Mac. There are lots of people that think they HAVE to have a Mac to run anything Mac related.

    I have to admit that I do have 2 machines with Vista on it, 1-2 XP boxes (including a Mac Mini), and 1 G5 Mac with Leopard and a few servers running Linux.

    Macs are the best, especially now that they can run virtually any OS, but unfortunately, there is still stuff that I need on the PC that I cannot find a suitable alternative for on the Mac.

    As of this year, I have made a resolution though to NEVER buy another PC again. Going Mac only and will run XP in Parallels if necessary.

  2. I’d say even if it is Vista (they have some HPs to demonstrates such cases!) on a MacBook Air, Apple shows that the “slower” MacBook Air can successfully run the sluggish OS where most other Windows laptops fail to do so.

    Well, after all everything could be a marketing campaign in Apple and they are damn good about it!

  3. Even if that was the case, it is yet another successful multi-purpose marketing Move:

    1) Mac runs Vista, even better! (Tested on a MacBook Pro and proved)
    2) Safari works on Windows, so switch!
    3) MobileMe is cross-platform!

    The odd thing in fact, is Microsoft using Macs in their ads and commercials!
    Just like this one

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