Possibly Working

Well the “Possibly Related Posts feature” seems to be working. Today morning I saw traffic to an obscure old post spike up. Apparently WordPress linked to that post as “Possibly Related” from it’s blog post announcing the New Admin Bar Design.

This feature is pretty cool. It’s linking to lesser known blogs and putting them in the public eye without you, the poster having to do anything. Robert Scoble seems to be running that feature too, and getting linked from Scoble is quite handy :)



  1. Well yes, it made my old posts come up a little and I was unable to know why until I read about this new feature.


  2. tvjunkie · ·

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  3. I’ve recently written a posts about “possibly related posts”: http://poursomegravyonme.co.uk/2009/08/20/possibly-related-posts/

    One of the “possibly related posts” on that post is this one! The system is certainly working.

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