Google owns some really weird domain names

Pingdom put together a list of domain names owned by Google and found some really odd names. Here are a few examples:


We know Google likes food but enough to buy domains? Oh by the way – isn’t available either. More odd domain names owned by Google can be found here or view the entire list of domains here.


  1. Strange how a company … whether called Google, Yahoo or The Pits is thought to have embalmed wisdom.
    There are very bright people in management – but who is the one registering domain names?

    And how do these name come to be acquired?
    Depending on who owes who a favor it is possible to give people huge sums of money for seemingly valueless items. Remember how all the execs got into strife being paid with stock options? So now that is off the menu maybe donains are THE NAME OF THE GAME.

    Do you know if you buy a domain name today and don’t take a salary for 12 months but then sell the name to the company for what would have been the grossed up salary – i.e. inclusive of fringe benefits and retirement contributions etc. then you get a capital gain tax lower than your income tax?

    Say you need money to live on in the meantime … there are even guys lending money now against domain names. So go take a loan against your domain name – have it guaranteed by Google, don’t pay the interest and after the 12 months is up Google takes the name.

    Maybe those names were owned by someone offshore and the money needed to be paid into a swiss bank account.

    It think you should look beyond the simple idea of Google just buying a domain name for $6.95

    Who knows what is going on at Google – but don’t underestimate their smarts.

  2. Look how many typo combinations of the word google have been registered –


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