Monthly Archives: April 2008

Google owns some really weird domain names

Pingdom put together a list of domain names owned by Google and found some really odd names. Here are a few examples: We know Google likes food but enough to buy domains? Oh by the way – isn’t available either. More odd domain names owned by Google […]

MSNBC is sick, stupid – Making a mockery of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

What kind of sick minded, demented person would do something like this? (Edit: see my update below) A quiz about the Virginia Tech tragedy, “see how much you know about the events” What do you hope to achieve from the quiz? How would you feel I came up with a quiz on the death anniversary […]

Simple RegEx for matching URLs

I wanted a simple regular expression to retrieve URLs from a paragraph of text, but a google search returned so many Regular Expressions that it was tough to separate the good from the bad. So here are two tried and tested Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) to help match URLs: A simple one to match […]

[PHP] Print out the age of a date in words

I came across a handy piece of code to print out the “age of a date” in words on ThinkPHP. This code should print out the difference between two dates in words (X Days/Months/Weeks/Years). I have modified the original piece of code to print out the number of years as well. This is a snippet […]