Sehwag and the record breaking run-fest

Whirlwind Sehwag The third day of the test between India and South Africa saw a lot of records being broken. I’ve compiled a list of the records that were broken, and also compiled some useful facts.

  • Third Fastest Double Century
    Sehwag scored his double century in 194 balls, the third fastest ever. He now has the second & third fastest double centuries.
  • Fastest Triple Century
    Sehwag scored his triple century in a mere 278 balls. The fastest triple century and the only triple century to be scored at more than a run a ball. The next fastest triple century came in 362 balls, here’s a list of the fastest triples.
  • Third player with two triple centuries.
    Sehwag is only the third player with two triple centuries. The other players are Brian Lara and Sir Don Bradman. What is amazing of this feat is that Sehwag has played only 55 test matches, Brian Lara played 130 matches and Bradman 53.
  • Highest score by any player in India
    Sehwag has the highest score in India by any player breaking VVS Laxman’s epic 281 at Kolkata. Conveniently he has the only triple century in India.
  • 10 consecutive centuries of more than 150 runs
    Sehwag’s last ten centuries have all been above 150. This shows that when he crosses 100, he crosses 150 often. The closest to this record is current India coach Gary Kirsten with 7
  • Most number of runs scored in a single day of play (since 1954)
    Sehwag scored 254 runs, the most number of runs in a single day’s play since Denis Compton’s 273 in 1954
  • Consecutive 200 plus partnerships
    Sehwag and India are the only player, team to have two consecutive 200 run partnerships in the same innings.
  • Most number of runs scored in a single day in India
    India scored 368 runs in the day’s place, the highest ever.

Random Sehwag Facts:

  • Sehwag’s last triple century against Pakistan came on this exact day four years ago. He scored 309 against Pakistan at Multan on 28 March 2005 2004
  • Sehwag hit 41 boundaries and 5 sixes in his 309
  • He has more century’s than fifties. He has 14 centuries and 13 fifties.
  • Out of his 14 centuries, 11 are more than 150. A conversion rate of 78%
  • He clearly learn’t from Sachin’s nervous 90’s. Sehwag raced from 90-100, 190-200 and 290-300 with atleast a couple of boundaries or a six. he didn’t sit around much in the 90’s

There were so many records broken, created that I may have missed a few. What a thrilling day of test cricket. For the people who say test cricket is boring… think again!

Image courtesy: Cricinfo



  1. shantanu · ·

    yes u r right
    india and as well as sehwag rocks
    i wish he could make a 400 when he gets to bat tomorrow

  2. ….. He scored 309 against Pakistan at Multan on 28 March 2005 …..

    In fact it was 2004.

  3. Thanks for the correction N :)

  4. Rohan · ·

    Sehwag is really a run machine.I think for any thing is possible.He is many times compared with Sachin but Sachin & Sehwag both are different. He never tries to copy any one.H e is best at his place.

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