Monthly Archives: February 2008

Good Webdesign

Techcrunch links to a new news aggregator called Newspond. Although the features of the website aren’t that great, the design of the website is just awesome! The buttons, links are really well done. The design is done by Chan Karunamuni of Injection Design, check out his portfolio it has some amazing work.

Thoughts on the IPL Draft

Today morning there was the first ever IPL draft. IPL the Twenty20, corporate version of cricket. There was a lot of bidding going on the final results of which you can view here. On the overall process: All players were divided into categories. These categories were created depending on the base price for every player. […]

Forum Trolls

Paul Graham has a very interesting essay on trolling. Being a troll is just so easy.

Don’t buy shit with money you don’t have. Eliminate credit card debt.

Credit and Credit Cards are one of the most evil things on this planet. You are buying things with money you don’t have, on the promise that you will pay it back. Everything comes with a financing package – a house, car, computer, tv you name it – don’t be tempted by it. People are […]

On Music DRM

DRM – Digital Rights Management My favorite quote on the whole DRM Issue: “DRM ‘manages access’ in the same way that jail ‘manages freedom.’ “ ~ Anon.