Internet Troubles

My Internet is toast.

It seems an underwater cable got cut, (for the third time in 2 years) and internet has taken a big hit . Connection is as slow as 56kbps, while i’m on a 512k DSL connection. During peak hours you can’t access POP/IMAP accounts anywhere and all my SSH sessions timeout. With no SSH I can’t even use other servers to read email, IRC etc.  There’s no MSN/Gmail/AIM access as well. This problem has caused troubles in the entire Middle East region and India as well. There’s been a 50-60% drop in bandwidth. Communications have taken a large hit in the country.

The surprising part in this day and age is that one underwater cable getting cut has such a massive effect, you have effectively cut off the entire middle east region and a country as big as India. With no alternative route the bandwidth is shot to hell. I wish they would reinforce such cables because such incidents even three times in 2 years is too much in this high tech world.

Edit: GigaOm has an excellent article written by Alistair Croll which describes the current situation quite well.

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