New Offerings from Zoho

I wrote a few months ago that Zoho Sheet and Writer didn’t have a chat facility integrated into them for collaborative editing. Yesterday Zoho introduced integration of Zoho Chat with Zoho Writer. Zoho sheet integration isn’t available yet but it’s better late than never :) Anyways, this is very encouraging, that is one feature which was pushing me towards using Google Docs.

Has anyone done some sort of benchmarks of Google Docs v/s Zoho Writer? Which is faster ?

Secondly, Zoho introduced Zoho Meeting. A web-conferencing tool, currently in closed-beta. Its a rival product to WebEx, which I’ve used at work. WebEx is used quite often by software vendors who want to pitch their product, it’s quite handy. I am not interested in Zoho meeting as it doesn’t concern me, but I have one thing to say: The Zoho Meeting UI looks much better than WebEx’s complicated mess.

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  1. I’ve seen a preview of Zoho Sheet with Chat, you’re in for a pleasant surprise :-)

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