A High Price for Defeat?

Ireland beat Pakistan on Saturday – their first International win. After a loss to the West Indies and Ireland, Pakistan are out of the World Cup. They seem to have paid a very high price for their loss.

Angry fans are calling for the arrest of Bob Woolmer and captain Inzamam-ul-Haq. In Inzamam’s hometown of Multan people are chanting “Death to Inzamam” (you think the poor sod would atleast get some support at home). The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Nasim Ashraf, is being asked to resign. Anti-Pakistan Cricket rallies are being held and the team management has decided not to bring the team home after their final match against Zimbabwe for their own safety.

But all that was nothing compared to what happened yesterday.Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in the hotel room and was shortly pronounced dead on arrival at the Jamaican Hospital. Pakistan lost their coach. So far doctors are saying it’s either stress or a heart attack. Tributes are coming from all over the world, RIP Robert Woolmer. Excellent coach and an excellent person! After Woolmer’s death Inzamam-ul-Haq, still in shock retired from the one-day scene and resigned as test captain. Pakistan lost an excellent player.

All of this resulting from a loss to Ireland. Pakistan has yet to face the music back home. One wonders what’s in store for them. All of this stinks. When did Cricket become like this?

Update (03/20): PCB’s Chairman has resigned and the entire selection committee has resigned as well.

Coverage of Pakistan Loss
Coverage of Bob Woolmer’s Passing

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  1. “When did Cricket become like this?”

    This has always been like this in the sub-contient correct??Oh well I mean the screaming and rant after a 1 day loss.. roits are a common thing..

  2. Yes, it’s in the subcontinent only. But its become really common these days.

    Resorting to physical harm because a sports team didn’t perform well is not good, and these days its going over the top. It wasn’t like this in the old days. Even in India and Pakistan.

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