Monitoring World Time

With friends and family being scattered around the world, it’s been tough to monitor time of different countries. I came across two good tools which display World Time.

  1. FoxClocks – It’s an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird which will display world time on the bottom right corner of Firefox/Thunderbird. It is highly configurable and it is OS independent.
  2. Microsoft Time Zone Utility – A utility from Microsoft which sits in your system tray and will display time of several different countries when you hover over it’s icon.

I’ve been using FoxClocks on my Mac and PC since it’s OS independent.

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  1. Hey Rushi,

    I’ve grown in the habit of using’s pages. They are absolutely easy to use, and on follow all the DST events across the world, etc. etc. I’ve constructed a URL that lives in my favorites, like this:,283,16,136,368


  2. Thank you Rushi, I needed this, this certainly good adds-On

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