Daily Archives: Mar 18, 2007

That’s one spiffy background image

om.daily – Om Malik’s personal blog (like Mike Arrington’s CrunchNotes) got a facelift. The blog has two horizontal nav bars (from GigaOm.com) across the top and this spiffy background image. Pretty neat image Om! But the blog’s looking a bit busy with three horizontal nav bars! (GigaOm’s two and WP.com’s third dashboard bar). Technorati Tags: […]

Monitoring World Time

With friends and family being scattered around the world, it’s been tough to monitor time of different countries. I came across two good tools which display World Time. FoxClocks – It’s an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird which will display world time on the bottom right corner of Firefox/Thunderbird. It is highly configurable and it […]