Useful quicksilver tip

I’m using my Macbook in a dual monitor setup (Macbook LCD + External Monitor) so I can’t have the dock and menu bar on both screens1. Due to this I often have move my mouse across two screens to use the menu bar. This can be a pain in the ass especially if you are using menu-heavy programs like Textmate and Photoshop.

Merlin Mann’s Quicksilver Screencast on Proxies displays a really useful feature of Quicksilver called Application Menus (via proxies). I can tie this feature to a trigger (keyboard shortcut) which will display a list of ALL menu entries which I can search through. It’s quicker than clicking around to find a menu entry and also solves the problem of moving your mouse all the way across two screens.

1 If you find a program which can do this let me know!

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