Couchville TV Listings gets it right

After Yahoo changed their TV Listings I posted how disappointed I was with their change. However, I’ve found a new Beta TV Listings service from Couchville. It is a very simplistic TV Listings service. It maximizes your TV listings browsing experience and allows you to easily view/search for your favorite shows. I like the neat “red” bar going across the page which shows you what’s playing currently. The addition of legends (blue background for Movies and green for sports) makes finding stuff a lot more easier. I can add certain TV shows to my favorites and have them appear starred on my listings. This is an excellent service.

At beta, they’ve taken a simplistic Google-like approach to make this a good service – from their website:

When we built Couchville, we focused on building a simple and friendly guide to television, not on maximizing pageviews and ad inventory

Further more, they’ve added one thing which I really love – keyboard navigation! As a CLI junkie this is invaluable, although scrollbars would be handy! I can’t wait to see what features they add on to this service. I’d like to see customizable legend fields – for my favorite TV shows to appear highlighted so I can quickly take a look at them.

Here’s the TechCrunch Review and the NewTeeVee Review.

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