Delicious Library – Manage your books, movies and music

I’ve been trying out Delicious Library – an application to manage your books, movies, music and games. It’s an app made for OS X and it’s excellent because of three reasons:

  • It is easy to add your books, movies and other items into the application. You can do it through entering basic information like name/author, or by ISBN number (much preferred) or you can use your Mac’s camera to scan the barcode on the item. Quite simple.
  • It is able to manage these details effectively by the use of shelves and effective categorization.
  • It is an OS X app, which looks extremely beautiful.

Here are a few screenshots. The first one is directly from their website which shows the barcode scanner and the next two is from my collection:
Delicious Library Screen 1

Closeup on the book collection, in a “zoomed out” view.
Delicious Library #2

It looks frickin’ amazing and it is a good way to manage your collection. If I lend movies/books to friends I can manage that in the application as well.

Ars Technica has a detailed review on the application.



  1. icoty · ·

    I’ve been eyeing out this app for some time now. I think I might make the investment…

  2. Chrono Cr@cker · ·

    Very interesting, I did use a couple of software to manage my books and movies but they are not really that good and I stopped using them. Is there any similar software for Windows?

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