Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bob Woolmer Murdered

Jamaican Police are now saying Bob Woolmer was murdered. He was strangled and his death was a result of asphyxiation. This may be related to Pakistan’s loss to Ireland, but I keep thinking no one would be so idiotic to kill someone over a game. This may have to do with ICC”s Anti-Corruption investigation or […]

New Offerings from Zoho

I wrote a few months ago that Zoho Sheet and Writer didn’t have a chat facility integrated into them for collaborative editing. Yesterday Zoho introduced integration of Zoho Chat with Zoho Writer. Zoho sheet integration isn’t available yet but it’s better late than never :) Anyways, this is very encouraging, that is one feature which […]

A High Price for Defeat?

Ireland beat Pakistan on Saturday – their first International win. After a loss to the West Indies and Ireland, Pakistan are out of the World Cup. They seem to have paid a very high price for their loss. Angry fans are calling for the arrest of Bob Woolmer and captain Inzamam-ul-Haq. In Inzamam’s hometown of […]

That’s one spiffy background image

om.daily – Om Malik’s personal blog (like Mike Arrington’s CrunchNotes) got a facelift. The blog has two horizontal nav bars (from across the top and this spiffy background image. Pretty neat image Om! But the blog’s looking a bit busy with three horizontal nav bars! (GigaOm’s two and’s third dashboard bar). Technorati Tags: […]

Monitoring World Time

With friends and family being scattered around the world, it’s been tough to monitor time of different countries. I came across two good tools which display World Time. FoxClocks – It’s an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird which will display world time on the bottom right corner of Firefox/Thunderbird. It is highly configurable and it […]

Useful quicksilver tip

I’m using my Macbook in a dual monitor setup (Macbook LCD + External Monitor) so I can’t have the dock and menu bar on both screens1. Due to this I often have move my mouse across two screens to use the menu bar. This can be a pain in the ass especially if you are […]

Couchville TV Listings gets it right

After Yahoo changed their TV Listings I posted how disappointed I was with their change. However, I’ve found a new Beta TV Listings service from Couchville. It is a very simplistic TV Listings service. It maximizes your TV listings browsing experience and allows you to easily view/search for your favorite shows. I like the neat […]

Web’s Top 50 People

PC World published an article on Web’s top 50 people. It’s worth a read, and I’m happy i’ve heard of all of them except 3 (Tila Tequila – wtf?) WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg is at #17 Congrats Matt! Technorati Tags: PC World, Matt Mullenweg

Delicious Library – Manage your books, movies and music

I’ve been trying out Delicious Library – an application to manage your books, movies, music and games. It’s an app made for OS X and it’s excellent because of three reasons: It is easy to add your books, movies and other items into the application. You can do it through entering basic information like name/author, […]