Akismet is stuttering…

Over the past week Akismet, the spam filter used by WordPress.com is not working. I’ve been getting a ton of spam which it would usually catch. Here are a few examples of the spam that I’ve received in the past few days (all not caught by Akismet):

Caribbean Poker

Orville Paz stench caper Quebec Online Roulette [url=<link-redacted>]Online Roulette[/url] <link-redacted>

Phentermine | fdksxom@iatpctl.net | <link-redacted> | IP:

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Home Owner Insurance

valid Tirana,likes!nightgown.whose:pulmonary Home Insurance [url=<link-redacted>]Home Insurance[/url] <link-redacted>

There have been several other different types of spam emails as well – those which contain more than 10 links, viagra, gambling, and insurance. Such spam should have been caught by Akismet. It was being caught before and it’s missing them now.

What’s going on?

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  1. You are marking them as Spam and sending them in, right? Akismet is not perfect but it does have a learning ability. Marking them as spam is the only way that it learns.

    Just because it has large number of links doesn’t mean it’s spam either. It does try.

    Or did you want to manually go through the review those 6100 spams that it did catch? ;)

  2. And why are you providing links in your post to the spam sites? You’re doing the job of the spammer. You may want to remove them. :)

  3. I do mark them as spam every single time. That’s why i am annoyed that after marking so many of them as spam it still lets these through.

    I’ll remove the links :)

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