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I am writing this entry using my Instant messenger through a service called IMified. This service allows you to interact with various services through an instant messenger. You can add reminders, to-dos, write blog posts just through your IM. It’s great! I’ve signed up and I am using Google Calendar through my IM, it’s easy […]

Deleting a Shortcut in Windows Vista

… is only a few clicks away I disabled the stupid confirmation boxes (the one shown in Step 5). Pain in my ass. Retarded move Microsoft. Tags: Windows+Vista, Deletion

Ganguly’s Comeback Stats

Well it’s official that Sourav Ganguly’s return is a success. How much of a success? Well I dug up his stats. Here you go in ODIs ODIs Played: 4 Total Runs: 241 Average: 60.25 Lowest/Highest Score: 13/98 Ganguly’s score of 13 in the 2nd ODI against West Indies is his lowest and the only non-50 […]

Paying for a Text Editor

Just plunked down $50 (39 EURO) for TextMate – the first text editor I’ve ever bought. Hell I wouldn’t even buy Visual studio, I got that from my University. But Textmate is well worth it. Sorry haven’t been writing as much. Getting distracted by certain things happening in Eve that require my attention. technorati tags: […]

Akismet is stuttering…

Over the past week Akismet, the spam filter used by is not working. I’ve been getting a ton of spam which it would usually catch. Here are a few examples of the spam that I’ve received in the past few days (all not caught by Akismet): Caribbean Poker Orville Paz stench caper Quebec Online […]