Zoho Notebook, another new Zoho Application

I just took a look at the demo of Zoho’s new application – Zoho Notebook. It’s amazing. It’s a competitor to Microsoft OneNote and Google Notebook.

First off – Zoho Notebook puts Google notebook to shame. Google notebook seems a midget compared what Zoho is rolling out. With Google notebook you can do text, but Zoho’s notebook is a multimedia notebook.

Zoho Notebook is compatible with the following content:

  1. Text
  2. Video & Audio (upload a file, link directly or record your own directly into notebook)
  3. RSS Feeds, Calendars, Skype
  4. Add Zoho Show, Sheet, Creator files directly into the notebook.

Zoho Notebook is high on collaboration as well. What I like is that you can share content at the lowest level. I can share random clippings, pages and an entire notebook. It’s got some drawing tools as well, so you can use it as a white board.

I used Zoho writer to keep track of scraps/misc research etc but Writer was over kill for that and so I switched to Google notebook. Although i still use Zoho Writer for my main stream editing. However Zoho notebook is great for my needs. Can’t wait.

Zoho notebook is currently in Alpha mode and available to select users only. Check out the screenshots on their website. Here is a demo video of the application:

Hat Tip: Zoli Erdos

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