The new Google Image Search sucks!

Google changed the design of their image search feature. It’s cleaner and neater than before however it will only display image information when you hover over the image (like Windows Live Image Search). I miss being able to look at all the images at a glance and get their info. Luckily the Google Operating System blog has a fix for this.

Getting the Old Google Image Search Back – Google Operating System Blog (via Lifehacker)

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  1. Intrepid · ·

    You guys are absolutely right.The new google image search does suck.It seeems google has reached the top of it’s developement and someone at the top is making sure that google spirals down the toilet along with it’s stock holders.

  2. bill b · ·

    google image search fucking blows a cock, but you can click “basic image search” in the footer.

  3. What REALLY bugs me about the ‘new improved image search’ is that I go searching for a lot of rapidshare files… In the past, I got great stuff (and easy to find) from Google Image search… For example – just type in GIF Animator Rapidshare – and I’ll find the full versions of the software… Or Stone Temple Pilots CD Rapidshare – and guess what! Now I can’t see which are people’s blogs (giving away free stuff) OR f—– spam sites, because Google has hidden all the details (unless I mouse over 1000 f——- images to reveal the details of their sites) …. Ghrrrrr… Not Happy…

  4. The new image search is god damned ass backward as fuck. It is like they decided to take all the negatives of Bing, combine them with the negatives of the old google search, and create some god awful pile of crap that not only does the user no favours, but positively infuriates them. GG clowncars get a clue.

  5. casting couch · ·

    Three years later (this article dates from 2007), and we are having to say the exact same thing — Image Search sucks!

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