The Web Celeb 25

Forbes published its list of the Top 25 Web Celebs. Here’s their list:

  1. Jessica Lee Rose aka lonelygirl15 YouTube celebrity
  2. Perez Hilton – Celebrity Blogger
  3. Markos Moulitsas Zúniga author – Political Blogger
  4. Matt Drudge Drudge Report (News Web site editor)
  5. Seth Godin (Marketing Guru)
  6. Jeff Jarvis Buzz Machine Media Critic
  7. Glenn Reynolds InstaPundit Political Blogger
  8. Amanda Congdon Video Blogger
  9. Robert Scoble (Political Blogger – Is that correct? I always thought Scoble is more of a Tech blogger)
  10. Michael Arrington (Tech Blogger)
  11. Ze Frank (Video Blogger)
  12. Jimmy Wales Wikipedia co-founder
  13. Harry Knowles AintItCool Movie Critic
  14. Frank Warren Post Secret (Online Artist)
  15. Cory Doctrow Boing Boing (Author and Blogger)
  16. Xeni JardinBoingBoing (Journalist and Blogger)
  17. Leo Laporte (Podcaster)
  18. Merlin Mann (Blogger)
  19. John H Hinderaker (Political Blogger)
  20. Charles Johnson Blogger)
  21. Kevin Sites (War Correspondent)
  22. Mark Lisanti (Entertainment Blogger)
  23. Jason Calacanis (Entrepeneur)
  24. Om Malik (Tech Blogger)
  25. Violet Blue (Sex Educator)

Regarding Robert Scoble – Can he be considered a political blogger? How many political bloggers write about the advantages of RSS and interview top tech execs? I think Forbes has it wrong here.

How many of the above are in your feed reader? How many of the above have you heard of?

Hat Tip: NewTeeVee

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