What a game!

After watching the Bears steam roll the Saints, I was a bit angry when I saw the 21-3 score near the half-time of the Indy/Patriots game and I shut off the TV. But well played Indianapolis Colts! Great way to comeback and trading blow for blow with New England. Kudos to Peyton Manning who didn’t choke and stepped up his game and especially to the Colts defensive unit which hurt NE when it really mattered.

This game had some very interesting highlights. Three Two offensive lineman and a tackle scored a touchdown in this game. Patriots left guard Logan Mankins recovered a fumble by Lawrence Maroney and scored the first TD. In the second half Dan Klecko a Colts defensive lineman tackle, came into the offense as tight end and scored on a 1 yard pass. Then for the next Colts TD – Jeff Saturday, the center recovered a Joseph Addai fumble and scored a TD!

Sorry New England, but it was getting boring to seeing you in the Superbowl again and again. Three Super Bowl rings and a 13-2 record should be good enough for you. Colts v/s Bears will be a great game.

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