Steve Ballmer doesn’t like the iPhone

Steve Ballmer is complaining that the iPhone is too expensive. Well Steve its because the phone also contains an improved version of the best mp3 player on the market. Steve Ballmer says the “..Motorola Q can do music” – as good as an iPod? a 4/8 GB capacity? Hell no. With the iPhone, you are (allegedly) getting the best phone on the market with the (proven) best music player on the market. That’s why it costs so much. I’ll put the whole “it doesn’t have a keyboard” issue to test when the phone is officially released – because the public is the best judge.

The iPhone also holds the edge in browsing over the other phones. It doesn’t have no shitty phone browser. It’s got the real deal – Safari, where you can see the pages as they actually are.

Maybe Ballmer would like to see the price of the iPhone with a sub-standard mp3 player, lower capacity and then complain about the price?

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