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I finally got a Mac. It’s a long story of how I ended up with a Macbook Pro and I’m not going to write about it here, since it’s damn weird. However, it’s awesome, it’s beautiful. I’m going back to the PC only to play games. I’ve got everything on my Mac and it works much better and faster.

There is some great software for the Mac which I only wish existed on the PC. Some of it are:

  • Textmate – My favorite text editor, ever. It’s fricking awesome and perfect for me. This editor for which i can shell out the 40 euros without thought. I love to code using this. Take a look at the screencasts on the website for demos reels and you’ll know.
  • Quicksilver – The ultimate launching utility. Almost every document and app I need is just a few keystrokes away. Don’t even need to use the mouse, and it’s super quick.
  • Adium – Such a beautiful IM client. Just take a look at the screenshots!
  • iPhoto and iCal – A photo management tool (like Picasa) and a calendar program. Both of them rock.

I can even remote into my windows machine from the Mac to get any files I need. I’m slowly starting to move my files across to the mac. Looking to learn more about Macs, I’m still a noob at stuff. The battery life on this is bloody awesome! I can easily churn out three hours listening to music and browsing the web, it’s very efficent, and it’s light too.

Now all I need is a name for the Macbook. Oh and while your here check out these Mac spoof ads, they’re hilarious.

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  1. Way to go!

    I started with a Mac Mini about two years ago for all my home photos and video.

    As my Windows PC’s and laptops die off I will replace them with Macs.

    Macs are better – case closed.

    I do use Microsoft Money and since there is no Mac equivalent for it I am concerned.

  2. Most definitely :)

  3. Quicksilver Blows! Its just a way to look cool, but honestly, its faster just to use spotlight, and the occasional mouse click.

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