Daily Archives: Jan 9, 2007

What’s in a name?

Apple iPhone versus the Cisco iPhone. What’s the deal here? Cisco has had the iPhone trademark since 1996. When the Linksys iPhone was released it was widely believed that Apple’s iPhone name was just a myth, just a play of words over the iPod brand name. However today Apple released iPhone, and they used that […]

Check out Steve Job’s iPhone presentation

I’m watching Steve Job’s presentation on the iPhone – Check it out, it’s amazing. He demoes the iPhone’s power. It’s pretty amazing. I love the scroll ! technorati tags: Apple, iPhone

The iPhone is Hot!

The Apple iPhone is smoking HOT. It looks to be the iPod of cellphones, let’s hope it lives up to that reputation. It’s certainly looking like it from the video tours. I’m drooling. More pics from Niall Kennedy’s Flickr Page.