Cricket: Anil Kumble v/s Tailenders

India’s always had problems with tailend batsmen in my opinion. Some idiotic tailender always manages to score a quick few runs against India, r dig in for a long time and prolong partnerships. However not when Anil Kumble is around. He is one bowler who quickly gets rid of tailenders, and I like him for that. No pesky tailend partnerships or revivals.

Case in point, the ongoing test match against South Africa, here are Cricinfo’s comments

128.2 Kumble to Steyn, OUT, Does him in with the quicker one. Typical Kumble dismissal. The tailenders almost end up looking surprised at the pace, wasn’t this supposed to be a gentle spinner?! This one landed on the off and middle, and rushed off the track, the bat came down in an angle and the furniture was disturbed. Nine down.

128.3 Kumble to Ntini, OUT, Ntini falls first ball! Topspinner on the middle stump line, it went on straight, Ntini jabs at it and the ball hits the pad, just before the bat hit the cherry, and is caught right in front.

Done and dusted. Kumble may not have too much spin, but he delivers the best top spinners and faster balls in Cricket today.

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