The Zoho Wiki

Zoho is running ahead and released a new product, the Zoho Wiki. They are releasing features quitely and taking big strides in the Web-Office field, a lot of good things lie in store for them. With the Wiki, they have a well rounded suite of applications. it’s a Word processor, spreadsheet application, a presentation platform and a wiki to encompass them all. You can bring Zoho Creator in too.

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch writes:

..the entire Zoho suite of products is on the same overall architecture, making syncronization and new feature releases much easier between applications. Contrast that to Google’s suite, including two acquired products (Writely and JotSpot) and one mostly home-grown one (Spreadsheets). It will never be as homogenous as what Zoho has created.

I whole heartedly agree. Trying to make relative unknown applications merge together is a lot harder. Google has Jotspot, Writely, it’s own spreadsheets. Merging all of this is a royal pain in the ass. Zoho on the other hand has all excellent products (except maybe creator as I’ve heard otherwise) and merging all of those together with a wiki is going to be a lot easier for them. They need to improve upon the wiki, because zohowiki is going to be a major driving force. Using all of the services together is going to be easier for the user, which is the ultimate goal.

Tight integration between components to make it behave as a whole, rather than a sum of its components is the ultimate dream. Live your life online  

I’ll say it again, watch out Google.

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