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I really like Google Reader, and I’ve been adding a lot of RSS feeds. Thanks to Scoble’s link/gesture blog I’m getting introduced to a lot of new blogs. He knows how to use TechMeme and other blog engines well and brings some of the really good stuff. My problem is that I have too many feeds. I’ve got around 90 feeds in my reader right now and that is after removing several feeds. Scoble puts a lot of good stuff on his link blog, and its good to have everything in one feed vetted by someone who is in the industry. Nothing beats a human editor to remove the fluff.

Now, I have a lot of posts common between Scoble’s linkblog and several of my other feeds. If there was a way where Google Reader would only show me the unique posts and no duplicates it would be excellent. For example: I have the TechCrunch feed in the reader, and if Scoble shares a TechCrunch post to his link blog then it’s two posts from the same feed which are being displayed to me. It gets really annoying because I have a lot of feeds, and a lot of common feeds to Robert Scoble. So on my daily reading list I have to trudge through a lot of double posts. I wish google reader would have an option to filter out such duplicate posts.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m missing out on stuff. I’m using NetVibes as my personal startup page and its loaded with my most common feeds(Scoble, TechCrunch, GigaOM etc) so I can take a look at stuff quickly. Gives me a great overview of the news. They have a basic RSS reader also built in. I’ve also stumbled across OriginalSignal which is an aggregation of popular feeds. Keeps me informed.

How do you manage reading up all these feeds?

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  1. You may want to give Megite a try. Also you can create your personalized Megite for all your reading list.

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