Daily Archives: Dec 7, 2006

Google Bot’s Backdoor. Simple Trick.

Several times when your browsing you find that Google throws up search results which lead to pages which sit behind a username/password protection. You need to register to view the content. Websites like New York Times and Wallstreet Journal and many more require you to register and/or pay to view their content. Google manages to […]

What code doesn’t do in real life that it does in movies

Matthew Inman at Drivl posts a hilarious piece on how code, programmers and hackers are displayed in the movies. It’s friggin hilarious and extremely true. #4 and #10 are my favorite. Drivl.com | What code DOESN’T do in real life (that it does in the movies) via Reddit Technorati Tags: Coding, Code, Programming, Movies, Drivl