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ZohologoxI love the Zoho Office Suite and today they released a couple of features which deserve to be applauded. They’ve released a plugin to save documents from MS Word/Excel directly into Zoho. You can open Zoho documents in Word/Excel as well. It’s bridging the gap between online and offline applications says Raju Vengesa. Now I don’t have to visit the website and manually upload docs anymore. Screenshots can be found on the Zoho blog and on Zoli’s Blog.

They’ve released an API too. That in my opinion is a class move. Open up Zoho to people’s imaginations. I cant wait to see whats coming out of that.

And now with Desktopize – Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show are on your desktop! You get three icons on your desktop (for Wirter, Sheet and Show), double clicking them will launch the app so you dont have to use a browser. Perfect, make me even more lazy :S. (Screenshot)

When I was reading the comments in Natali’s TechCrunch post someone posted saying Zoho’s logo looks like a bunch of building blocks ala Toyrs R’ Us. I’ve never looked at it that way before, but now it keeps reminding me of a toy store rather than a professional web application. A more professional logo would convey a better message to the users.

Google has a lot of catching up todo in features and Microsoft with Office Live…is well miles behind.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this Zoho update, Rushi! Glad that you like the new things that have been made available.

    Thanks for your feedback on our logo, we sure will look into how best we can improve it.

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