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Yahoo’s TV Section got a major face lift today. It went “Web 2.0” (if that means something). It got loaded up with spiffy Ajax widgets – sliders, fancy scrolly and some flash too. However in all this mess they forgot one thing – speed. The new TV listings are painfully slow.

The old one wasn’t too appealing in terms of looks but it was quick and well formatted. I looked into several online TV listings but none of them were that appealing to me. I don’t need fancy flash, ajax or any of that spiffy stuff. What I want is to be able to customize listings, speed and be able to view them easily (without too much “bling bling”). The old yahoo TV listings was perfect.

The best thing would be to just give me an RSS feed of TV listings. I can probably just write my own TV listings page.

For now I’m sticking with TV Guide’s listings. It seems pretty nice, with some better features than the old Yahoo listings.

Edit: I made a Greasemonkey script which removes all ads and navigation and only displays the listings to me. This is perfect, screw yahoo.

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    i agree, the new my yahoo tv guide sucks, i would like them to go back to the old my yahoo tv guide, it was a lot better. but as you know, what we would like, i doubt if they would go back to the old tv guide. people does what they want no matter what other people wants, BUT IN MY OPINION, YAHOO SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE OLD TV GUIDE ALONE. and now you know the rest of the story.

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  3. Robbie · ·

    I had to drop Yahoo! as well. I switched to Yahoo! years ago from Excite, when Excite “improved” their user interface.

    I like to be able to browse a day’s worth of listings for one channel at a time, and Yahoo! was perfect for being able to see a day’s worth of a channel at one time, in a concise textual format. I prefer to browse that way, rather than using a big grid. Because the focus was on text (information), rather than snazzy graphics, it was much faster. Now, it’s a mess.

    I recently discovered Couchville and I like that pretty well, too.

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