Happy Feet beats Casino Royale

The tap dancing penguin movie Happy Feet beat the latest James Bond flick Casino Royale for the number one spot on the box office. Happy feet scored $42.3 million, compared to Casino Royale’s $40.6 million. That’s pretty close considering many people didn’t like the new character playing Bond.

I saw Casino Royale on Saturday and it was excellent. It was unlike the usual Bond. It’s because this is James Bond’s first adventure as 007. He hasn’t come up with his signature “Bond. James Bond.” line, nor with a name for his Vodka Martini. Regardless, this is an excellent movie based on Ian Fleming’s book. I recommend you go check it out.

I’m a bit surprised at Happy Feet beating Casino Royale however. I thought you’d find more people flocking to see the new bond especially considering that a bond movie hasn’t come in 4 years (Die Another Day released 2002). I guess people don’t find him as attractive…yet. Daniel Craig has done a pretty good job in a bond-esque fashion.

I still have to see Borat though…

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